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About Coim

Coim is present in every corner of the world and boasts a network of 700 people responsible for providing the high quality products one would expect from a well-established and prestigious company.

Stort Chemicals will be offering Coim’s Plaxter range of monomeric and polymeric plasticisers typically used in PVC technologies.

Download: Plaxter Product Brochure


Over the last 50 years, Coim has developed many different polymeric plasticisers with specific characteristics such as dynamic viscosity, polarity and related molecular weight in order to meet all the possible demands coming from the market.

Coim’s range of polymeric plasticisers are known as Plaxter P.

The main applications for the Plaxter P grades are:

  • Cables & Wires
  • Tubes
  • Gaskets
  • Coatings
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cling & retractable transparent film
  • Synthetic leather
  • Electro tapes
  • Soles of footwear
  • Toys
  • Boots
  • Advertising films


Monomeric plasticisers are one of the oldest materials produced by Coim, which in fact started in 1962 the founding year.

The monomeric plasticisers product line can be divided up into four specific chemical species:

  • Adipates
  • Special phthalates
  • Benzoates
  • Terephthalates

Each application area of the above products are quite different and specific:

  • Monomeric adipates are commonly used in PVC technologies as primary plasticisers for the production of cling film for food contact.
  • Monobenzoates are used as coalescent or grinding vehicles for the coatings industry, or as stabilisers for the production of peroxides.
  • Liquid or solid monomeric phthalates are usually used as phlegmatisers for the formulation of organic peroxides.
  • Short chain liquid monomeric phthalates are typically used as plasticisers for cellulose acetate.
  • Solid monomeric phthalates are typically used as additives for the formulation of thermosensitive adhesives and as a carrier for printing inks and hot melt lacquers.
  • Terephthalates are used as primary plasticisers for PVC in all applications where a “phthalate free” grade is required.